At the price of the menus proposed, it will be necessary to add:

Chef service either 3 or 4 hours x 50 € / h

Server either 3 or 4 hours x 35 € / h

Beyond 6 people I highly recommend.



Continental (20€ per pers + service)

Hot drink, fresh fruit juice, bread and pastries,  jam, butter, yaourt

Américain (25€ per pers + service)

Continental + eggs prepared as you wish (omelette, sunny side up, scrambled….)

Fresh Fruit platter

Home made pancake, waffle, French toast

Sporty (30 € per pers + service)

Américain + Sauted potatoes, Bacon, sausage, delicatessen, cake or home made tart (sweet or salty), smoked Salmon, cheese assortemnt


Most of the time people ask me for a family style service, they like having an assortment of various

dishes and salads to choose from. They especially appreciate being able to eat when they feel like it and in a friendly casual atmosphere.

I there fore suggest some fresh and light dishes that you can eat whenever you want.


Local Fish (cooked) Salad served warm with olive oil and vegetables

Fish Carpaccio with basil depending on catch of the day

Home-made Smoked Salmon Toasts with garnish

Mahi Mahi Cevice, Coriander and small vegetables

tataki and Sashimi of Fresh Mahi-Mahi or tuna

Mahimahi carpacio , mexicain spices and guacamole sorbet


home made Chicken spring roll (fried)

Small Chicken or Large Prawns Spring Rolls(fresh)

Chicken skewer peanut sauce

Grilled Free-range Chicken, marinated in orange and sesam oil

Beef Carpaccio, fresh pistou, Reggiano parmesan

Soup and salad

Assortment of Raw Vegetables served with different sauces

Tomatoes « of all color » mozzarella burrata or buffalo (depending on


Chicken or Plain Caesar Salad

Raw Fennel Salad, orange and cider vinegar

Greek Salad with Feta Cheese

Oriental Tabouleh

Quinoa with Crab and Coriander

Lentil salad balsamic and fresh herbs

Ginger chinies cabbage

Comcomber salad with minth

Avocado and crab salade, carabean carabean style with fresh cilantro

Andalou Gaspaccio

Cold zucchini soup with basil

Tart and sanwiches

Crusty Tomato and Pesto Tart

Zucchini crispy tart wth parmeggiano

Classic French quiche

Club Sandwich – just how you like it!

Humus and pita bread


Marined big prawns lime , lemon ginger

Ribs of beef fresh herb

Marined Pork ribs home made barbecue sauce

Fish filet of the day « chien sauc, »caraibeen sauc or « beurre blanc »

Grill lobster

Whole fish( selon arrivage)

Pomme de terre « en robe des champs »

Sauted fried rice

Grill veggies , herb and pistou sauc

Fresh Salad Assortment


.For dinner my guests mostly enjoy an atmosphere similar to a restaurant but

with a personal touch, with a starter, an entrée / main course, a dessert or

sometimes a gourmet meal with five or six dishes served in smaller tasting




Local Fish soup

Frothy and Creamy peas soup

Pumpkin soup

Traditional Vegetable soup

Andalou Gaspacho

Salmon tatar egg lumpfish and fresh herb

Braised Scallops and Lobster Bisque

Italian style Squid Salad

Crab tatar and avocado with coriander

Large shrimps mild curry and coconut milk and apple

Asparagus risotto, confined tomatoes and pistou

Filet of tuna with spices and fresh salad of Chinese cabbage

Goat Cheese Salad, balsamic reduction, fresh and dried raisin, grilled almonds

and pines

Home-Made style Foie Gras Terrine

Seard “ Foie Gras”


Canadian Beef filet, mashed potatoes, confined shallots, vegetables

Confined Duck with onions, baked potatoes

Roasted lamb filet, tomatoes chick peas and almond crush , oriental semoule

Roulade of tender lamb pancetta, stewed lima bean and tomatoes

Chicken skewer peanut sauce

Roasted pork tenderloin on soy and orange, with asian spice

Duck breast, soy and honey sauce

Fish or Meat Wok with Vegetables and Spices from the market

Rice or noodles, whichever you prefer…

Baked in salt crush snapper

Mahi-mahi in citrus and ginger bread crumb

Fish of the Day soup in a French Bouillabaisse style straight from Marseille!

Fish Croustillante in a Crispy Pastry with fresh tomatoes and basil from my


Large Med Prawns in Sesame, Ginger, Soy Sauce and Fresh Coriander

Pasta with Large Med Prawns

Fresh Fish in zucchini flakes, stewed tomatoes and vegetables

Grilled Salmon, ratatouille, south flavors


Moroccan style Couscous

Traditional Paella

Chiken local Colombo


Chocolate Tart

Crème Brulée

Smooth Chocolate Pudding famously known as Moelleux

Traditional Apple Tart

Crêpe with garnish

Apple Tatin (upside down tart)

Red Fruit Crumble

Fruit of the day in a Soup

Fruit Plate

Moelleux Cake made from local l


Served in verrine and small portions

Mahi Mahi Cevice

Raw Vegetables and different sauces

Humus and Pita Bread

Tuna Tataki

Crab Salad


Chicken kebab peanut sauce

Home Made Smoked Salmon on taost

Prawn curry and coconut milk

Beef meatballs oriental style

Hummus and Pita Bread

Guacamole and Corn Chips

Cod Fish Accras

Colombo Chicken Kebab