At the price of the menus proposed, it will be necessary to add:

Chef service either 3 or 4 hours x 50 € / h

Server either 3 or 4 hours x 35 € / h

Beyond 6 people I highly recommend.


80 € /pERS 

 Crusty Tomato and Pesto Tart 

Beef Carpaccio, fresh pistou, Reggiano parmesan

Fish of the Day soup in a French Bouillabaisse style straight from Marseille

Chocolate Tart


70€ /pers   

Assortment of Raw Vegetables 

Mahi Mahi Cevice, Coriander and small vegetables and quinoa with herb

Scallop and Asparagus risotto, and home made pistou

Red Fruit and almond crumble


110€ /pers 

Home Made Smoked Salmon on blinis

Home-Made style Foie Gras Terrine

Grill lobster, « beurre blanc » little veggies about market

Roulade of tender lamb pancetta, stewed lima bean and tomatoes 

Fresh cheese assortment

 Assortment of desert

These menus for your events in St Barts are just examples of what can be done in a personalized way.

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70€ /pers

Cod Fish Accras

Local Fish cooked)Salad served warm with olive oil and vegetables.

Chicken local Colombo

Coconut and chocolate cake


70€ /pers   

Small Chicken or Large Prawns Spring Rolls(fresh

Tataki (depending on catch of the day)

Fish or Meat Wok with Vegetables and Spices from the market

Rice or  noodles, whichever you prefer…

Lemon cake