Chef : 280€ (3h included on site, shopping time and menu preparation)

Waiter 150€ (3h included on site, preparation ..)

+ price of the menu

Extra charge

Chef :70€/h

Waiter: 50€/h

These menus are only examples…we are at your disposal for any changes and additions….

Breakfast Menu = 50€/ pers

filter coffee, espresso, sugar and milk

the English

Fresh Arrange Juice

Water and gas plate

Pastry bread

Butter jam, honey, maple syrup

Peanut butter, nutella

Waffle or pancake

fruit platter

Your house

Home made granola-bars

Egg (as you want) and vegetables (spinach, onions peppers tomatoes)


Fried potatoes

Brunch Menu = 80€/ pers

Breakfast menu +++

Avocado toast

Home made smoked salmon

Homemade tomato tart

Grilled chicken and sauces